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New Google 'Indoor Maps' Confirm Ikea is, in Fact, a Maze

Here's a look at the Brooklyn Ikea, as seen on Google's newly launched Indoor Maps desktop/Android feature that exposes the floorplans of buildings, stores, airports, train stations, and so on around the U.S. and select European and Scandinavian countries. This is the latest in the tech giant's ever-growing stream of products that break down barriers between indoors and out and meld public and private spaces, from the Google Street View updates that provide a glimpse into the mirrored hallways of the Palace of Versailles to the stunning photography that finally allows the public unrestricted access to the much-shrouded Google data centers. (Shiny new toys, perhaps, but they won't fill the void of the much-loved, gone-forever Google Maps Real Estate.) Another valuable lesson learned from Indoor Maps? Ikea stores around the world are certified mindbending—perhaps as part of a grand plan to ensure that people indeed buy more stuff? Anyway, catch a glimpse of the furnishings retailer's Malmö, Sweden store below.

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