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1,750 Acre Jackson Hole Ranch Center of Legal Battle

The family of former Wyoming governor Cliff Hansen is in a legal battle with developer Richard Fields over the terms of their purchase agreement for the family's 1,750-acre ranch, which had been homesteaded by Governor Hansen's father in 1898. Fields claims that the family hasn't fully vacated the property and is asking a district court to rescind the contract, while Fields has stopped making payments on the debt he took on when buying the Jackson Land & Cattle Ranch in 2006 for $69 million. Since then, the Hansen family has filed a notice of foreclosure against Fields for the $52 million they claim he still owes them.

With miles of sweeping plains meandering across the high terrain of Wyoming until smashing into the Jurassic peaks of the Tetons, few ski towns command such dramatic vistas from the bottom of the valley, and the Hansen ranch takes much of the spectacle in from its three ponds, sweeping plains, and 800 acres of irrigated meadows. The property, which brokers have bombastically labeled a "Rembrandt," also includes a 52-stall equestrian center, several homes, and an office. The current asking price? A cool $175 million.
· Parties Wrangling Over Historic Hansen Ranch [Jackson Hole Property Guide]