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The Blue Whale of Slopeside Living in Aspen

Aspen is no stranger to behemoth homages to McMansionism, despite the relative lack of buildable land in between all those jagged Rocky Mountain peaks. However, "ski in/ski out" is notably absent from many listings in the Roaring Fork Valley. No longer. 360 Eagle Pines Drive, a 12,000 square foot exercise in largess sitting on 8 acres, has you covered. While it may take you a minute to march in ski boots from the mud room through the staff quarters, library, exercise room, run down to the 800-bottle wine cellar to grab your sunglasses, and bang a left around the home theater, once you pass the outdoor pool, you're only steps away from clicking into your skis or snowboard on Buttermilk Mountain. And while Buttermilk is the far tamer cousin of the other three hills making up Aspen/Snowmass, come late January, you've got front-row seats to the entire Winter X Games venue, which is situated within spitting distance of the hot tub. Because of this, the home has played host to massive after-parties hosted by everyone from Monster Energy to Target, so don't be surprised if you answer the knock on the door to find a few confused and scantily clad females wondering where snowboarding legend Shaun White is. But if you're the kind of guy who can pony up for a ski house running for $17,850,000, they might be just as excited that they found you.

· Listing: 360 Eagle Pines Drive, Aspen, CO [Chris Klug Properties]