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Here Now, a Franken-City That's Parts Paris, NYC, and Vienna

Here's another suite of spectacular renderings to add to the growing list of the world's craziest plans for future cities: the FREE City, an urban utopia that cobbles together the radial design of Paris, the hexagonal shape of Vienna, and the grid system of NYC. Designed by the NYC- and Mexico City-based architecture firm Fernando Romero EnterprisE, or 'FREE,' the planned epicenter is one bit of forward-thinking urban planning that—what now?—actually makes a lot of sense. As Architizer notes, FREE City's shape would mean highly efficient public transport and intuitive navigability. Of course, concocting and contemplating master plans such as these, even if they do seem like fine ideas, is relatively pointless. After all, metropolises, with some extreme exceptions, usually don't just spring up from the barren ground. Nonetheless, the renderings are something for sure. Find more below.

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