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Did This Plane Get Lost on the Way to the Nearest Airport?

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Nigeria's capital city, Abuja, boasts much of the typical urban architectural fare: glass-paneled office buildings, concrete towers, and humdrum hotels. But there's one building, "the only star we have in Abuja," as one passerby described it to the Washington Post, that's really something special: a bountifully balconied villa that looks like a jetliner has landed on top. Said Jammal, a Nigerian civil engineer, began constructing the project (featured recently on The Atlantic Cities) in 2002, but progress came in fits and starts, as he travels a lot and is often on the road. So why spend a decade building an airplane house? Because his wife, also a devoted globetrotter, asked him to, and because he hoped it would become her dream house, truly a home base where she'd be encouraged to stay put. Says the engineer: "Let me build the airplane so that I can keep her in all the time." Did it work? Not really, no: the good lady is still inclined to hop on real-life airplanes and jaunt around. Next stop: Costa Rica?

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