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NYC Co-Op by the Late, Great Jed Johnson Lists For $12M

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The celebrated designer Jed Johnson, who died tragically in 1996 in the crash of TWA Flight 800, had a client list that included Yves Saint Laurent's partner Pierre Bergé, Mick Jagger, Barbra Streisand, and Richard Gere, but his success had very humble beginnings. Johnson first met artist Andy Warhol when he was hired to sweep the floors at Warhol's famous factory. He would go on to become Warhol's companion and lover—helping him find and decorate the East 66th Street townhouse where Johnson and the artist lived until the two split in 1976—as he built a reputation as one of the country's finest interior designers. In the year before his own untimely death, Johnson collaborated with fellow designer Thad Hayes on this sprawling NYC co-op, listed this week for $11.95M. Overlooking Carl Schurz Park and Gracie Square, the expansive six-bedroom flat occupies much of the seventh floor in 120 East End Avenue, a stunning pre-war building developed by Vincent Astor in 1931. Sixteen years later, it's difficult to say how much of Johnson's design survives, but it is reassuring that his reputation is still strong enough to warrant inclusion in the brokerbabble on this pricey home.
· 120 East End Avenue [Streeteasy]