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Behold the World's First Tricycle-Powered Mobile Home

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Sure, there may be minimalist Scandinavian cities on rails, mobile homes that go for $2M, skyscrapers inside giant bicycle tires, and Versailles replicas made from commuter trains, but never has there been a riff on the home-on-wheels theme like this. Meet Bao House, a tufted box made of spray polyurethane foam (SPF), the aerated plastic stuff used for weather-proofing and sealing, and plunked atop a broad-backed tricycle. Chinese firm Dot Architects used SPF—which is rarely used as a primary construction material—to craft a structure that is durable, yet lightweight enough to lug the whole shebang around on wheels—that's not to say one wouldn't be exhausted from riding it, of course, like that poor guy shown in the photo below. Inside? Not a whole lot, it appears. To be fair, it must be pretty difficult to design an interior that's—what?—50 square feet? Maybe the architects could use some tiny-living tips from the owners of the world's other most compact dwellings. Anyway, check out some additional shots:

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