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For Sale in London, the Flat of Literary Great Oscar Wilde

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The one-bedroom London flat once occupied by literary lion and high school summer reading requisite Oscar Wilde has hit the market, asking a sharp £1.15M ($1.843M) for 609 square feet. That's a lot of clams for that amount of space, true, but keep in mind that (1) Chelsea is a famously affluent neighborhood in central London and (2) the guy who wrote freaking The Importance of Being Earnest stood in that very flat. And while many times brokerbabble is, uh, liberal in its designations of who lived where—F. Scott Fitzgerald lived in a villa for a single summer and now it's touted as his beloved homestead—Wilde really did call this place home, and for upwards of 11 years, no less. Anyway, the place, spruced up with posh tufted furniture and an inexplicable palm tree—quite a ways from the chaotically cluttered interiors that seem to be the norm for famous writers—doesn't boast much in the way of amenities; it's got space for doing laundry, but that's about it. See more above.
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