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Sierra Club Calls for Stop on Squaw Valley Base Village Developement

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Environmentalists at The Sierra Club is putting together a call to action to stop KSL Resorts, the newish owner of Lake Tahoe's Squaw Valley ski resort, from going through with their development plans for the resort's base village. The plan includes building 1,300 condo and hotel units, 29,000 square feet of commercial space and restaurants, and a 132,000 square foot Mountain Adventure and Aquatic Center.

The Sierra Club's position is that the development would have an huge environmental impact, would put a huge strain on already stressed water resources, and would create major traffic congestion issues on Highway 89—the two-lane thoroughfare connecting Truckee to Squaw and Tahoe City, which already sees severe congestion on weekends and holidays. KSL has also admitted that once the development is finished, they plan on selling the entire resort property, giving locals more cause to resent the company's plans. Some have argued that KSL has brought improvements to Squaw by overturning a historically crabby management and bringing year-round visitors to the mountain. On the other side, putting up a waterpark in Lake Tahoe, where water resources are scarce and tightly controlled, seems a tad unreasonable.
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