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Chef Recreates NYC Crane Collapse Out of Gingerbread

Manhattan's in-progress residential tower One 57, whose penthouse sold in May for upwards of $90M, earned global notoriety a few weeks ago when a massive crane collapsed in the midst of Hurricane Sandy, bringing on full-block evacuations and the expected dose of post-disaster lawsuits. Well, one pastry chef has taken all that jazz and made it just a bit sweeter by baking a five-foot-tall gingerbread model of the building and collapsed crane. On view at the restaurant inside Le Parker Meridien hotel, which is located right on said block of 57th Street, the confection consists of Rice Krispy squares clad with gingerbread "bricks," plus tiny edible police, firemen, street signs, and so on. Apparently the chef was "originally going to do the Statue of Liberty," he said. "But when the crane fell, I saw it. I was here. We were evacuated. It makes sense." Naturally. Anyway, only time will tell if this undertaking will be judged as one of the most insanely awesome gingerbread houses in modern history. View more photos over on DNAinfo.

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