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25 Cases of Eye-Achingly Intense Love-Era Wall Treatments

Most of the time it's easy to list the virtues of dedication, but when it comes to wallpaper of the '60s and '70s, an obsession with one pattern can be, well, near painful to look at. While crazy wall treatments are not isolated to the decades of the love era—remember the wild papering job in Houston, the intensely toile Chinatown condo, or the home lined with 2,000+ pieces of paper?—designers of the 1970s seem to be the most pattern-happy by a mile. Just as it's a joy to look back at ideas from old shelter magazines or the kodachrome stuff of vintage Ikea catalogs, perusing the most jaw-dropping examples of decor inspiration from the 1970s means witnessing one of the most over-the-top decades of America's design history. Have a look above.

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