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Architects Propose 'Alien' Towers For—Where Else?—China

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Architecture firm AmphibianArc has imagined a rather intriguing pair of office towers, which, as Architizer points out, look like they belong in an alien colony—or perhaps Elon Musk's future dominion on Mars. The structures, which feature fairly normal-looking towers with outerworldly add-ons, are proposals for the headquarters of Chinese manufacturing conglomerate Zoomlion in Changsha, Hunan. That's right, folks, again it's China, land of car-free pop-up cities and 515-foot standing rings.

Anyway, the rendering above in fact represents the seven founders of the company and not, as one may assume, a coniferous seed pod about ready to pop off the pine. The other rendering? Well, that one, below, has a vague resemblance to stacks of shipping containers or, perhaps, a half-finished game of Jenga, an aesthetic not unlike Indonesia's plan for a crazy vertical city. See it below.

Strange? Undoubtedly, but either of AmphibianArc's towers will be in good company, as Changsha is exactly where the world's future tallest tower will be built.

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