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Inside London's Cornwall Terrace, Now Asking $160M

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[Photos redacted at the request of the agents handling the property.]

The largest private home within London's renowned Cornwall Terrace, a grand Neoclassical estate commissioned by King George IV, Duke of Cornwall, and built in the early 19th century, has officially hit the market. The 21,500-square-foot mansion-within-a-mansion contains seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, 11 reception rooms, marble and limestone floors, walls, and fireplaces, an indoor pool, "beauty treatment areas," according to the brokerbabble, as well as iPad-controlled lighting, audio, and security, a catering kitchen, and a 130-foot-long landscaped garden.

Cornwall Terrace was designed by English architect Decimus Burton with the help of his mentor, Regent's Park mastermind John Nash. In the intervening years the property has been home to a New Zealand diplomat and, as the listing boasts, "members of the nobility, admirals, generals and adventurers, public figures and other persons of distinction," and has since been partitioned into eight separate residences by one extremely ambitious developer. While each is being sold separately, all are furnished "in a unique style by a famous decorator" and have access to "on-site spas and gymnasiums, Bentley-sized garages, and a personal sommelier service," according to (the now defunct) Luxist. The whole enchilada is categorized as a Grade I building, ensuring that the structure at large won't ever be torn down. As for One Cornwall Terrace, it's asking a staggering £100M ($159.76M)—among the priciest piles in the world, that's for sure, but not even close to London's most expensive manse, which was listed for $484M in September.

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