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Post-Sandy Food Donations; Martha's Vineyard Food Security


Wondering what to drink tonight to celebrate or drown your sorrows? An El Presidente cocktail, of course! "The history of this drink dates back to heyday of Old Havana when Americans under Prohibition went in search of rum and some fun in the sun. A jaunt down to Cuba delivered a dose of both. The name itself and the fact that it's delicious, makes it ideal for any election night party, or a simple toast to your candidate of choice." [theKitchn]

MARTHA'S VINEYARD - From a recently released status report on Island food security: "When it comes to nutrition on Martha's Vineyard, Islanders are well on their way to ideal conditions for providing healthy food to the year-round community. But there is still more to be done, according to the recent findings of a group of medical students." [Vineyard Gazette]

NEW JERSEY & NEW YORK - Here's a resource list for how to help Hurricane Sandy victims with food donations and volunteering: "Many areas, like the Far Rockaways in New York and along the Jersey Shore, are still without electricity and heat, and the days are getting shorter and much, much colder. Whether you live near or far from these communities, you can help!" [theKitchn]