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Watch Architecture's Most Overdramatic Video Promo, Ever

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Behold the promotional video and press release that's dramatic enough to challenge even the most effusive brokerbabble. The short piece of cinematic magic, below, has everything: the sweeping panoramas of Lord of the Rings, the dramatic music of Pirates of the Caribbean, and the '90s-era roller blading skills of the seminal classic Brink! It's all to promote a structure that's, well, kind of cool. The Tower of Ring in Tianjin, China, designed by Eastern Design Office, is a hollow, 210-foot display of undulating LEDs. That's it. How does the architecture firm describe it? A "bewildered modern tower" and a "transparent vanity enclosed in a dragon shaped form." Here's a Haiku-like description from the firm's project brief: "No observatory to climb up. / No space to play. / There is nothing inside. / Only emptiness." A ringing endorsement, indeed. Anyway, watch the promo and read more poetry, below.

As a final thought, here's another number from Eastern Design Office: "Scattered flying clouds in the sky. / Splashing broken waves on the water surface. / A dragon that swallows wind, drinks dews and rides on the mist. /A beautiful dancing woman cladded with a thin clothe that reflects changes in the atmosphere. /This tower represents soar without wings."

· Tower of Ring [Eastern Design Office]
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