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In Hyannis Port, 'Five Houses From Everywhere' Asks $1.995M

In honor of election day, we went searching for a listing somehow relevant to the Tuesday we've all been waiting for - so the robocalls will stop and our neighbors will take the umpteen "Vote Yes On No"* signs off their lawn. We came across this five bedroom, two and a half bath Gambrel located in the Hyannis Port Civic Association that's just .2 miles from the Kennedy Compound. A stretch? Perhaps, but good enough for us.

According to the brokerbabble, the estate is "five houses from everywhere," by which they mean the Hyannis Port Yacht Club and Pier, West Beach Club, Hyannis Port Golf Club, and the post office. The exterior of the home is standard, shingled Gambrel, but inside, the residence has been worked over by a local artist and color expert. Side note: whenever we hear of a "color expert," we can't help but to think of the color consultant from Michael Moore's "Roger & Me" who attempted to figure out Flint, Michigan's "season." Anyway, back inside, the brokerbabble assures us that, "If walls could talk, than this home's walls would sing!" No argument there. Built in 1880, the 2,262 sq. ft. house sits on a private .33 acre lot that includes water views and a guest barn. First listed in February for $2.4M, two pricechops have brought the ask to "experience true Cape Cod" to $1,995,000.

· Listing: 110 Irving Avenue, Hyannis Port [Robert Paul Properties via Zillow]

* "Vote Yes On No" is from an apolitical bumper sticker. As is our way here on Curbed, it's little more than irreverence and has nothing to do with the actual election. This is Curbed Cape Cod and we approve this message.