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Behold South Korea's Plans for a Massive Horizontal Phallus

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Among lily pads meandering at sea, daisy-like buildings hovering in the clouds, and apartments supported on abandoned bridges, the competition for the most mindblowing renderings for the world's future cities is remarkably stiff. But the recently released renderings of this unambiguously anatomical building in South Korea? Yep, they could just take the cake. (Or at the least tie with some extra-weird new proposals.)

8City would be a genuinely massive$290B massive, more than 14 times the cost of Dubai's downtown development, which included the construction of the Burj Khalifa—casino resort on the Yongyu-Muui islands. The sprawling, 32-square-mile development, which aims to reel in Chinese gamblers, will have as its crown jewel this glittering "Megastrip," which, if actually constructed, is set to be one of the largest buildings ever. The project has an estimated completion date of 2030, but let's face it, it's very unlikely this colossus will ever actually exist. Luckily there's always the renderings; view another below.

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