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Portraits of the Past Invade Striking Contemporary Interiors

American artist Roslyn Rose is the mastermind behind these stunning interior photos, which combine striking early 20th-century portraits and lovely contemporary rooms. The result? Well, besides yet another example of throwback house porn, Rose's "Past as Prologue" series also offers insight into the unknowable impact past generations have on present environments.

The spaces Rose chooses are not sleek, futuristic scenes—which would just be so expected—but rather tantalizingly ornate interiors that are a subtle nod to a bygone era. The setting of the piece above, with its moldings and fireplace, checkerboard floor, and columns, is just modern enough that the juxtaposition tells a story, but not so obvious that the mingling of the past and present is cumbersome. Something of an impressionist, it seems, Rose inspires to "integrate ?eeting images from life and imagination" using digitally altered slides, original photos, and salvaged pictures. Find another look below.

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