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Got a Rental Horror Story? Curbed Could Pay Your Rent, Mortgage or for the Post-Sandy Tree Trimming!

Did you rent a cottage with cooties? Is your winter rental not winterized as advertised? Did you not notice the mold farm in the online pictures? Was the gingerbread cottage crumbling? Did "waterfront" really mean the flooded basement? Was your summer share a nightmare? Got a raucous roommate? Is the landlord an overlord?

If any of the above are the case, Curbed wants you.

In celebration of of our upcoming Renter's Week, we're asking readers to send along your Rental Horror Stories. They can be about a current primary residence, a vacation rental or even from former renters who still feel the pain. Anything horrifically hilarious will do. Just send them our way, we'll post 'em (anonymously) and readers will vote for the write-up that tells the most horrifying rental experience. The winner of this site will go up against the winners from all the other Curbed cities on Curbed National. Drumroll: The national winner gets a free month's rent! (Up to $2,500 people - not our problem if you're livin' large and that won't cover it). If you're no longer a renter, use the money to pay your mortgage or for your post-Sandy yard cleanup! Our tipline is officially open, so send your tales immediately!