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Here Now, Ultra-Chic Doghouses Designed by Starchitects

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Japanese graphic designer Kenya Hara has unveiled images of his latest project: dog houses designed by architects. Hara, the art director for the Japanese retail chain Muji, commissioned folks like Kazuyo Sejima, industrial designer Konstantin Grcic, and cardboard overlord Shigeru Ban to create sleek structures for canines, then turned this minimalist architecture into printable plans that regular ol' non-architects can use as DIY guides at home. Each of the 13 free blueprints on Architecture For Dogs, which launches Nov. 15, is designed with a specific breed in mind; this hanging, teepee-like dwelling called Pointed T, for example, was conceptualized by the Hara Design Institute just for a Japanese terrier. This is just one of a few recent moves to spruce up doggie abodes; soon enough, stylish canines of all walks of life (not just those who can afford absurdly extravagant doggie real estate) will be flush with stylish options, assuming, of course, that their owners have the savvy to put hammer to nail and construct these creations. But, hey, if a 12-year-old can build a dog house based on blueprints provided by Frank Lloyd Wright, an adult should have no problem, right? Find more works by Sou Fujimoto and Kengo Kuma below.

? Sou Fujimoto drafted blueprints for this dwelling, which also serves as a shelving unit, for a Boston terrier.

? Kengo Kuma designed this structure for pugs.

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