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Sculptor Affixes Macabre Miniature Dwellings to Skulls

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Not sure what it is about building homes on dislocated body parts, but some artists seem to love it, whether it's American art student Katie Hudson plunking tiny model homes onto sculptures of hands and feet, or these domicile-inspired works by Danish artist Frodo Mikkelsen. Mikkelsen, a sculptor who seems to have a bit of a fascination with the human skull, crafted these monochromatic scenes atop silver-plated crania. The architectural pieces, which measure up to 14 inches in height, include details such as lush landscapes, wood-paneled walls, and shingled roofs. Because of the ambiguity of the phrase "mixed media," it's unclear whether the skulls are the real deal—ick—but it's more likely they were sculpted from scratch. Either way, the series has an undeniably macabre tone. Perhaps it's a critique of the pervasive dream of home ownership; perhaps look at the constant mortal desire for nature's seclusion and security. Or not. Who said it had to be interpreted, anyway? If all Mikkelsen wanted to do was show off his craft in an aesthetically innovative way then, well, mission accomplished.
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