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Take a Peek Inside Versace's Villa With This Promo Video

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Despite having just sustained a $25M price chop, Casa Casuarina, the absurdly opulent mansion once owned by fashion designer (and lover of gold-encrusted swimming pools) Gianni Versace, still has a fairly stable foothold in the realm of the world's most expensive homes. As such, the $100M manse was the subject of a (fairly ridiculous) promotional video in a series about the world's priciest listings. Viewers have to endure some bad dub-step intro music and some even worse brokerbabble—"Celebrities, politicians, really pretty much anybody who buys this property is instant celebrity if they want."—to get to the juicy shots of Casa Casuarina, but it's worth it, even if only to see more of that glittery pool.

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