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What 5,000 Square Feet Costs Around the Curbed Universe

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Welcome to a variation on Curbed Comparisons, wherein Curbed sees how much cash it takes to get a certain amount of space in the ever-growing list of cities that comprises the Curbed universe.

Last time we set about comparing homes by size, they were all around 500 square feet. This time, we're upping the ante, to 5,000 square feet. This Victorian mansion in Chicago overflows with historic detail, but unfortunately also packs in some questionable renovations. Set on a half-acre lot in the Kenwood neighborhood, the 1873 home has six bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, lush gardens, an expansive backyard with treehouse, and a detached garage with two au pair apartments. This Chicago estate came to market in April with an asking price of $3.4M, but after some price chops, it is now listed for $2.95M. Still, the owners purchased in 1999 for just $876K, so they still stand to make a fine profit.

? From Seattle—okay, actually from nearby Bainbridge Island, a quick ferry ride away—comes this 5,000-square-foot manse on Puget Sound. Sited on 1.3 acres, the sprawling home was built in 1992 and, well, sorta looks it, but its not every house that has views of nuclear submarines out the back door. The trouble comes with the antisocial, family unfriendly floorplan, which, according to Zillow, has just one bedroom and two bathrooms. If true, that isn't nearly enough considering the $4.37M price tag.

· Residents of Los Angeles seem to have an undying love for Spanish-style architecture, so it's a bit bewildering that this near-perfect hacienda from 1927 has lingered on the market, unwanted, since February 2009. Back then the price was $6M, but it has since been reduced to $5.6M. The 4,800-square-foot mansion boasts eight bedrooms and five bathrooms, plus a backyard pool surrounded by dense vegetation.

? It's not technically within the Detroit city limits, but this brick mansion in Grosse Pointe is one of the most expensive in the immediate area at $880K. What does that hefty ask buy? A 5,200-square-foot manse built in 1924 by celebrated local architect Robert O. Derrick, including a wood-paneled library, dramatic double-height foyer, four fireplaces, and a carriage house rental that brings in a reported $800 per month.

? Gut renovated in the past five years by an owner who is now, unfortunately, forced to sell in a short sale, this Philadelphia townhouse combines a classic brick facade with contemporary interiors. The 5,100-square-foot house, with five bedrooms, four bathrooms, several fireplaces, and glistening hardwood floors, looks like it should cost over $1M, but it's currently listed for just $699K.
· 4812 S Woodlawn Ave [Zillow]
· 1710 Beans Bight Rd NE [Zillow]
· 314 S Rockingham Ave [Zillow]
· 294 Lincoln Road [Zillow]
· 708 N 5th Street [Zillow]