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Pet Monkey Breaks Free to Furniture Shop in Ikea, Duh

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This weekend, a pet monkey broke free from its owner and was found roaming around a Toronto Ikea, where it was cornered and eventually returned to its owner (who was given a $240 fine). Apparently Darwin—dressed in a chic shearling coat and a remarkably on-brand diaper—had managed to escape from his crate, open the car door, and wander into the store, a feat that earned him the nickname "smart monkey." (No word whether he was indeed smart enough to conquer Ikea's dizzying maze of a layout.) Naturally, shoppers were totally confused. "It was pretty surreal," said one. "I thought 'Is that really a monkey?' Who brings a monkey to Ikea?" Good question, lady. For that matter, who throws a "house party" in Ikea? Who breaks into song in Ikea? Who gets married in Ikea?

Anyway, monkeys plus Swedish furnishings retailers equals one truly happy Internet: @IKEAmonkey is already becoming a thing on Twitter, as is the hashtag #ikeamonkey: "We can't blame #ikeamonkey. Those meatballs are BOMB." Better yet: "For the first (and probably only) time in my life, I regret not going to Ikea on a Sunday. #ikeamonkey"

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