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180,000-Square-Foot Picnic Basket is Anything But Subtle

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The Newark, Ohio, headquarters for the Longaberger Company, which makes all manner of picnic fixings, is nothing if not exceedingly and blatantly apt: the basket-maker's office space, is well, a giant basket. The building, which hulks at over 8,000 tons and covers more than 180,000 square feet, was designed to look just like one of the company's best-sellers; the Medium Market Basket was founder Dave Longaberger's favorite product, and this ultra-bizarre building was his long-standing dream. With handles that weigh 150 tons and have to be heated to keep ice from forming, the building does not seem like the most practical bit of architecture—what strange, lifelong pipe dream is?—but the project was completed about a year before Longaberger died, so he was able to accomplish this one last entrepreneurial feat before passing on. Said feat is certainly like no other office space in the world, and, well, there are some undeniably strange office spaces out there. Perhaps another visit to the all-cardboard office or the wackiest rooms of Google is in order?
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