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Did Bravo Pay $200K to Decorate Lindsay Lohan's Rental?

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Million Dollar Decorators, Bravo's reality docudrama about the "big budgets, big personalities, and big projects" of high-end interior designers in L.A., is routinely filled with extreme story lines; the Season 2 premiere, for example, featured a 3,000-pound marble dining table being hoisted by crane into the open window of a multimillion-dollar Manhattan townhouse. It may seem implausible, but when Jimmy Choo co-founder Tamara Mellon is the client and red lacquer figures elsewhere in the room, it's not completely out of the question.

What about when the client is Lindsay Lohan, who, after dropping out of rehab because of "financial troubles" earlier this year, racked up an unpaid $46,000 bill at the Chateau Marmont and inked a deal on a $25K/month Beverly Hills rental for only $9K a month? Still struggling to pay the rent, she has apparently "been scraping together the money" and has even tried to end her lease early. So when Lohan was spotted shopping with ultra-pricey Million Dollar Decorator Kathryn Ireland in spring, the whole thing seemed dubious.

Now TMZ reports that Bravo financed a $200K renovation of the home, signing off on furnishings, accessories, and presumably Ireland's design services, only to be entirely snubbed by Lohan, who stopped returning producers' calls, refused to let the network film the "big reveal," and has turned the place into a messy, "completely unfilmable" habitat. Apparently "MDD producers have since decided to use canned post-renovation footage (without Lindsay) as the big reveal moment." What's next? Belle and the Beast didn't really go house-hunting in New Fantasyland?

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