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Before The Year Ends, Here's One Last Architectural Mess

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The brokerbabble for this Houston, Texas, home calls the place "masterfully re-imagined"—which is totally accurate if said master is keen on imagining the weirdest ways to mash up architecture. Brought into the spotlight by Houston real estate blog Swamplot, this 5,116-square-foot home is asking $1.425M for, as one commenter points out, a structure that "looks like a combination between a classic Montrose house and a 1980s middle school." Another calls it "2-story bricks pasted together with stucco and glass brick." It's not the first architectural mess to make its way into the listing pages, but somehow that fact doesn't do much in the way of justifying this home's structural strangeness. What's truly odd, though, is the fact that there's more surprises inside: a disco dining room and a cheesy faux-frescoed recessed ceiling in the master bedroom. See it below.

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