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Are You There God? It's Judy Blume's Sleek Florida Home

Architectural Digest kicks off its young adult tour 2013 with a visit to Judy Blume's 2,500-square-foot "white box" in Key West, Fla. When she first saw the home, certain of its features "set off those old alarms about stifled housewives" for the novelist, who caused quite a stir in the 1970s when she published Are You There God, It's Me, Margaret and Forever, both considered racy teen reading at the time. The self-admitted "houseaholic" eventually adjusted just fine to the property's orchid- and palm-filled gardens and hired local architect Thomas E. Pope to install glass walls and doors leading out to the terraces, thus "transforming it into an indoor-outdoor paradise where the thresholds can scarcely be felt." Malcolm James Kutner did the interiors of this threshold-less paradise, mixing Asian, African, and Indonesian pieces, random wall sticks, and modernist furniture to create a slick, breezy feel that's quite unlike the oft-messy dwellings of Blume's literary peers. View the bedroom below.

· Judy Blume's Tropical Retreat [Arch Digest]