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Eat Christmas Dinner on this Tree Made From 5,000 Dishes

Here's yet another experimental Christmas tree to come out of Belgium this season: a 30-foot-tall tower of porcelain dishware in Hasselt. Set on decorating a tree "with objects which would otherwise have remained invisible," designers Inge Vanluyd and Stefan Vanbergen of creative agency Mooz collected some 5,000 pieces of spare white crockery—plates and cups of various sizes, shapes, and trimmings—from "hordes" of local residents. Yes, it's not typical Christmas tree fare, but it sort of seems like it should be; tableware is suitably familiar and domestic, and the thought of these odd, chipped dishes coming together to form something soft and bright evokes the requisite warm, fuzzy feelings. Plus, the holidays have debatedly devolved into a grandiose gorge-fest anyway, so, really, there may be no better way to commemorate the season. The tree is up until Jan. 6, but here's the real question: who gets all of the beautiful tableware in the end? Surely donators weren't expecting to get it back? Well, according to My Modern Met, the dishware will be smashed and displayed as a mosaic. More below.

The tree stands 30 feet tall and about 20 feet in diameter at its base. The porcelain pieces are all mainly white with gold and blue etchings and flourishes.

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