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No New Residences in Downtown Aspen, Lest We Vail

Last month, Aspen attempted to put the kibosh on all new construction of residential units in the downtown area, after coming to a rough consensus that price discrepancies in commercial and residential sales have the potential to outplace the vibrancy of Aspen's mercantile heart. The new land-use policy forbids any new construction of free-market residential units downtown, and it was also decided that exceptions to the 28-foot height limit will only be accepted for lodging and commercial properties, with all other (i.e. residential) two-story buildings required to stay under it.

The loathed name of the town's rival, Vail, was used to smear the idea of higher height restrictions, with the mayor outlining the negative effects of Vail's slide into a cheesy fake European village surrounded by towering condos that block the view of the mountain. A few above-height projects will be grandfathered in though, including the new Aspen Art Museum on Hyman Avenue.
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