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Watch the Bewildered Masses Decipher Ikea's Mystery Stick

A few weeks ago, as part of its fabrics-focused marketing push, Ikea mailed an unwieldy cardboard box to Curbed HQ. On the outside, it read "Life is hard without textiles"; on the inside, "A little bit of softness can change your world." Contained within was a faux plastic cactus tethered to the end of foot-and-a-half-long wooden stick. What could this mystery object be, and which of the furnishings retailer's many preternatural, world-dominating powers might it yield? Curbed's video team polled the denizens of NYC to figure out it; watch below.

Video: New Mystery Product:

New Mystery Product from Curbed NY on Vimeo.

More info, right this way.

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