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Remodeled Tahoma Classic Up For $550K

There's a lot of dumpy houses in Tahoe left over from the 70's with bad Alps-inspired decks and drab paint jobs, and from the outside this 1,600 square foot Tahoma 4 bed, 2 bath isn't any different. But the previous owner did a pretty extensive interior remodel, and the result is much cleaner, lighter, and more spacious feeling mountain home, especially thanks to the work done in the attic bedrooms.

This is definitely for those looking for a quiet Tahoe experience, as the relative bustle of South and North Lake are a long, slow drive in either direction down 89. The flipside is that you're steps away from protected Forest Service land, the Rubicon trail for hiking or backcountry skiing, and only a few minutes from Homewood Mountain. Not bad for $550,000. However, your best neighborhood feature is your proximity to Chambers Landing. Although it's packed with yuppies and their little motor boats, it's one of the best happy hour spots in Tahoe, holding the sun much later into the evening that most places on the West Shore.
· 6595 McKinney Creek Road, Tahoma, CA [Granger Properties]