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At Neutra's Hailey Residence, Time's Stood Still Since 1959

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New to market in Los Angeles is a home designed by modern architecture stud/recent Simpsons riff Richard Neutra that, much to the delight of historians and architecture aficionados, looks like it was flash-frozen the year it was built. Constructed in 1959—the same year that the Brady Bunch house was built, which makes so much sense—Neutra's Hailey Residence is now asking $895K for 1,129 square feet. Neutra, lauded for making open, high-functioning spaces with small footprints, incorporated into the home's design an accordion-folding wall, a pop-out fireplace, and, of course, languid planes of glass along the perimeter. The decor, too, is impeccably midcentury, what with the low-slung built-ins, pieces by Eames and Noguchi, a paneled wood ceiling, and abrupt splashes of color. See it all above.
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