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Crappy Little House in Florida Asks Head-Scratching $13.5M

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First there was the—admittedly crappy—O.C. apartment asking a measly $1, and now here's a—most definitely crappy—house in Middleburg, Fla., that's listed for ... $13.5M. Yes, the home sits on some 30 acres and has two swamps "emerald green ponds," per the brokerbabble, but said home is a complete tear-down, a corrugated steel structure with outdated everything and a weird dearth of windows. It's clear from the listing photos—mostly the fact every interior shot of the house was ferried to the end of the 54-picture gallery—that the owners are not looking to sell the house, but rather the land, and preferably to a mega-millionaire looking to build a McMansion in rural Florida (because there are so many of those). See it all above: bonus points for those who spot the massive Confederate flag.
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