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Curbed Cup Round 1, Heat 1: Provincetown vs. Hyannis

The first annual Curbed Cup kicks off over the bridge this week. Eight enclaves are vying for the very prestigious faux trophy and bragging rights as the Cape and Islands Best Neighborhood of the Year. We're including towns and villages in our Cape & Islands definition of a neighborhood, rounding up, if you will. That said, we'll have one match-up per day, with polls staying open for 24 hours. Let the eliminations commence!

[Commercial St., Provincetown, Tim Grafft, MOTT; Hyannis Main Street]

We thought we'd kick off Curbed Cup voting with two of the Cape's most popular destinations - Provincetown and Hyannis. Earlier in the year, The Boston Globe featured a smackdown between the two, with Hyannis (barely) taking the win. "Hyannis and Provincetown are the heads and tails of Cape Cod. As the Cape's de facto capital, Hyannis is the tidy town where everyone goes to shop, bank, visit the multiplex, or catch a flight or a ferry to the islands. By contrast, Provincetown is literally and figuratively "out there." Built on sand dunes at the end of the earth, it is a place where anything is possible — and therefore inevitable." So Curbed readers, which do you prefer? The town of Provincetown or the village of Hyannis? Submit your click for the locale you think deserves to move on to the next round, toward 'hood of the year bragging rights and the faux trophy.

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