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Here Now, Government Homes Dolled Up for the Holidays

As witnessed with this year's 300-pound gingerbread White House—which, one may recall, came with crystal chandeliers, translucent windows, and chocolate furniture—when it comes to holiday decorating, the White House does it right. It's spectacle, for sure, but it's a show that doesn't devolve into the absolute insanity of some of the, uh, Gangnam-styling, Santa-kidnapping, retina-damaging homes seen this season. And while this year's White House decor features a whopping 54 trees, it is definitely not the only government manse to be trimmed in patriotic Christmas baubles—and certainly not the first time the White House has been given the holiday treatment. Above, find the glitzy government homes of Christmases past and present, along with a peek into what the holidays were like in the all-American yules of old.

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