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Poorly Designed Whistler Creekside Eyes 'Cultural' Future

Filling the restaurant space at Whistler's Creekside development remains a tall order, and developers are thinking of repurposing some of the unsold space. Of the 30,241 square feet dedicated to restaurant use, three empty spaces, including former sites of Don Brannigan's and Zen Sushi, eat up 12,871 square feet of it.

A report determined that "Its built form — particularly along Franz's Trail — will continue to act as an impediment to tenant attraction and retention." In other words, the design of the buildings are keeping them from doing what they were designed to do—make money. The report than concluded that the best course of action was to give Creekside a 'cultural precinct role,' which we assume means they will start letting ski bums squat in the parking lot.
· The future of Whistler's Creekside village under discussion [Pique News Magazine]