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Rihanna Drops $12M on Really Unexciting SoCal Spread

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Cool as it was, Rihanna's Beverly Hills house never quite worked for her: the place flooded in January 2010 because one of the balconies was higher than its adjacent interior floor, and the pop star sued the previous owner, as well as the inspector, for suckering her into paying way too much for a property billed as "thoroughly remodeled." Well, new year, boyfriend home: Rihanna has just dropped $12M on an 11,000-square-foot mansion in L.A.'s Pacific Palisades. The spread, with seven bedrooms and nine baths, was constructed in 2010 to look, well, extremely new-build and extremely bland: high ceilings, more beige and cream than a wedding, and no notable interior details to speak of. That said, the grounds offer a 6,000-square-foot garden, according to Trulia Luxe Living, plus one party-ready pool and patio should Chris Brown ever need a change of scenery from his own bachelor pad.

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