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In Truro, A Renovated Beach Cottage Asks $189K

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Our very first real estate crush was on one of the dozens of cottages that line Shore Road in Truro. We longed to see the inside of any of the dwellings (where everyone might sleep being our main interest), but sadly, those were the dark, pre-Interweb years when real estate junkies had it tough. Fast forward to 2012 and here we are, looking inside one of those Truro beach cottages via cyberspace. Thanks, Al Gore.

This rather lovely Shore Road micro-cottage hit the market just over a week ago asking $189K. Built in 1930, the 250 sq. ft. residence recently got a full nip and tuck. There's all new electrical, plumbing, cedar shingles, an architectural roof, and an insulated door. Plus, according to the brokerbabble, "The atmosphere remains but this cottage will give you years of joy without maintenance as all the trim is Azack." Gesundheit. In addition, the restored micro-cottage features hardwood floors, a new kitchenette and bath. The unit has views (of Cape Cod Bay, we assume) and the condo association includes access to nearly 1000' of private beach.

Just down the road, the object of our affection, the "Flower Cottages" or Days' Cottages (above), give us an idea as to how much the rent was back when these were built, "in 1931, they went for $5 a night and $50 a week during the season, or $3 a night and $15 a week during the spring and fall." Good to know the shoulder season's always been a bargain.
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