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Inside Tree Houses, Fêting Outstanding Arboreal Abodes

Slated as "childhood fantasy meets grown-up savoir faire"—which seems like a perfect description for the colossal and deconstructed tree houses cropping up these days—the latest from art/architecture book publisher Taschen is Tree Houses: Fairy Tale Castles in the Air. As the title implies, the pages offer a tour of the world's most unusual arboreal abodes, from silky-sleek sanctuaries to rustic cabin complexes. Pictured is the UFO Tree Hotel in northern Sweden, one of the most bizarre tree houses in the book—though perhaps not quite as unusual as the house in upstate New York that looks like birds' nests or a reflective room that disappears into the canopy. Written by noted architecture author Philip Jodidio and punctuated with cutesy illustrations by Patrick Hruby, Tree Houses comes out next month, but find a peek at six of the most tome's most astounding images above. · All Tree Houses coverage [Curbed National]
· Tree Houses: Fairy Tale Castles in the Air [Taschen]