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Big Reveal: How Much For A 6-BD Polpis Estate?

And, now, the answer to last week's asking price guessing game.

Location: 6 Quaise Pasture Road, Nantucket
Asking Price: $4,299,000
The Skinny: Everyone who voted in this week's asking price guessing game was technically correct, at least at one point in time. This Nantucket estate first hit the market in September 2009 asking $7,995,000. In July 2010, a meeting with the pricechopper brought the ask down to $6.9M. By July 2011, two more pricechops brought the listing to $4,899,000. In April of this year, there was an optimistic priceupper, followed by yet another pricechop in August, bringing the latest asking price down to $4,299,000.

Poll results

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