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Revamping an Ultra-Lame Condo for the King of YouTube

Enigmatic K-pop megastar Psy, the snappily dressed evil genius behind "Gangnam Style"—the world's most popular YouTube video that, as of a few hours ago, officially obliterated the one-billion-view mark—has purchased what could be the world's most boring condo, an L.A. pad so lackluster that one Curbed LA commenter called it "classic '1990s Doctor's Office.'" Surprised? Disappointed? Crying alone in a corner? Yeah, everybody's pretty crestfallen. But wait! Through the magic of Photoshop, one can easily imagine what sort of space Psy should be living in—you know, the kind with gloriously outlandish furnishings befitting the home of any international rap powerhouse. Curbed LA spotlights the untouched listing photos, but, above, check out exactly how the drab living space can be spiced up a bit with the help of two chandeliers, black and white floors (an homage to his tux-wearing ways), a big screen, some pretty loud Flavor Paper wallpaper, and a graphic black-and-white carpet handpainted by Holly Westhoff. Below, his bedroom, with bow-tie walls, an aquarium grandfather clock (duh), and—because what's a rap icon house without some glowing words on the wall?—a few over-the-top light fixtures.

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