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It's a Christmas Miracle! FLW's Phoenix Home Saved, at Last

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Preservationists and architects can once again heave a sigh of relief: yet another anonymous benefactor has stepped in to save the much battled-over David and Gladys Wright House—which legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright built for his son and daughter-in-law in 1952. The Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy announced that it facilitated the purchase of the circular Phoenix home, rescuing it from a developer eager to tear the place down after its designation as a landmark expires in three years, the very same developer who told the New York Times that he was going to "move in, invite everybody to come in and take their pictures, and I'm going to wait three years...then I'm going to knock it down to recoup my losses." The anonymous buyer reportedly shelled out $2.387M for the home, which the developer bought in June for $1.8M. More importantly, the Wright preservation group seems optimistic that the saga has finally ended—fingers crossed that this deal won't crumble like the last time an anonymous would-be savior backed out of the transaction last-minute.

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