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Introducing Curbed Ski, for the Great American Ski Towns

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Welcome to Curbed Ski, the newest site in the Curbed Network, chronicling the glory of the Great North American ski town, from Stowe to Steamboat, Taos to Tahoe. (Yes, Aspen, you too.) Every day, Curbed Ski is cooking up a batch of snowy real estate porn, high altitude restaurant and retail news, snowfall celebration, mountain gossip, and more. Those who drool over chalets, dream of pistes, and long to bathe in the subculture of ski towns have found themselves in the right place.

Ryan Dunfee, who covers all kinds of ski-related news for Powder Magazine and Teton Gravity Research, takes the helm as Curbed Ski's editor, and he'll get the conversation started, but it's up to you to help keep us up to speed with what's happening out there in your neck of the woods. If you've got ski town news, scoops, tips, rumors or rants, don't be shy about sending them to us at (Hint: We'd love shots from the slopes, too.) So. Let's do this. First tracks start now.