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Year-End Wrap-Ups Around the Curbed Universe: Day 1

This week, sites across the Curbed Universe will fête the best, worst, and, in some cases, ugliest real estate wheelings and dealings of the year, from celebrity blockbusters to ingenious measures of urban planning to the most outlandish architectural renderings. Here's a quick and easy roundup of today's best posts:

NYC's biggest real estate personalities · NYC's most expensive sales · NYC's best celebrity real estate · NYC's shitshows, shockers, and more · the Hamptons' biggest discounts · Atlanta's hottest controversies · Boston's best urban-planning ideas · Boston's silliest feud · Chicago's best buildings · Philly's most hated home · Philly's most bafflingly addictive real estate ad · Curbed Seattle's 10 most popular posts of the year · DC's best PriceChops · Curbed DC's best videos of the year · San Francisco's best NIMBY fight of the year · San Francisco's most expensive homes that were listed and sold this year