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Insane Snowmass Village Compound Asks $50 Million

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One of Huffington Post's five most expensive mountain homes in America, this 500 acre compound is practically custom-built for failed dictators or drug kingpins looking to recuse themselves and their fortunes from their international worries in a tony American ranch deep in the woods... of a glitzy ski town. The 23,000 square foot main house contains every lap of luxury you could hope to squeeze out of Aspen's otherwordly second-home stock. Multiple living rooms. Three-tiered movie theater with individual couches. Six-car garage. Five-stall horse barn. Private ponds, plural. Exercise room, massage room, and indoor spa with a hot tub mounted with cocktail stands. 2,700 square foot guest house to house the dozens of staff that are likely needed to keep the place clean, or simply to offer employee housing for one's henchmen.

For troubled international figures looking to let the heat cool off in exile while trying on their faux-ranching hat for a minute, this is the perfect venue. Somewhere on the internet, Hosni Mubarak is bookmarking this listing while perusing cowboy boots on Amazon.
·Spectacular Compound in Wildcat Ranch [Aspen Snowmass Sotheby's]