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The Most Ambitious Buildings to Emerge From China in '12

While it seems flashy architects have always relished creating bonkers designs for the People's Republic of China, 2012 was, without a doubt, a particularly prolific year for the region in terms of ambitious, record-breaking, and straight-up bizarre architecture, both built and proposed. Thanks to a bullish national economy and increased global visibility, China has become fertile ground for some of the world's newest, strangest projects—from Earth's tallest skyscraper to glitzy buildings that look like, err, a pair of trousers. Above, find 11 of the battiest, most mind-boggling projects dreamed up for China this year. And while this year's contest winner is a no-brainer, it's only natural to wonder what nation will be 2013's architecture break-out star. Perhaps Denmark? The country did recently greenlight the world's first city just for kids, not to mention the fact that it just might build the world's largest manmade ski dome. Or, who knows, maybe China will pass the torch to South Korea, which released some rather, um, anatomical renderings earlier this year. Only time will tell; for now, have a look above.

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