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Year-End Wrap-Ups Around the Curbed Universe: Day 3

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This week, sites across the Curbed Universe will fête the best, worst, and, in some cases, ugliest real estate wheelings and dealings of the year, from celebrity blockbusters to ingenious measures of urban planning to the most outlandish architectural renderings. Here's a quick and easy roundup of today's best posts:

L.A.'s most thrilling rendering reveals · L.A.'s development highs and lows · L.A.'s public parks, public transit, and pedestrians · Boston's coolest rendering · Boston's most expensive home sales · Nantucket's hottest brokers and ugliest listings · Cape Cod's Taylor Swift, great white sharks, more! · Martha's Vineyard $92M listing · NYC's ugliest listings of the year · Philly's best real estate photos of the year · Boston's meatiest debate · Atlanta's most nonsensical boondoggle · San Francisco's best waste of everyone's time