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The Curbed Cup is Coming! Name 2012's Best Neighborhood!

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Every December since 2004, Curbed readers have chosen the best neighborhoods in the Curbediverse. Curbed Cape Cod is joining the party to bestow the Curbed Cup trophy here over the bridge. Voting will begin next week, but first, we need your input.

The Curbed Cup is a bracket-style, 16-neighborhood tournament, and we're open to your nominations for which neighborhoods to include. Since the Cape has 15 towns, the Vineyard has six and The Gray Lady is by her lonesome, we'll need to narrow things down before we begin. If you think a particular neighborhood, town or village should be included, put 'em in the comments or drop us a confidential email. We're also looking for potential match-ups. For instance, Oak Bluffs vs. Madaket or Osterville vs. Chatham. Don't forget to tell us why your chosen 'hood should be included in the running for the official 2012 fake trophy- best restaurants and retail, walkability, lack of garish Halloween decorations, proximity to the Bridge/beach/bingo, or whatever.