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Swarovski to Unleash the Bedazzler on India Condo Tower

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Seemingly no longer content to bejewel toilets and Blue Ivy's baby bathtub, Swarovski is rapidly upping the scope of its design influence with Gateway Towers 1, a pair of residential buildings in Pune, India, to be copiously laced with the twinkly stuff the crystal brand peddles. Each residence in the 45-story towers will have the company's crystal light fixtures and decor, and the lobbies and private theater will be spruced up in a similarly glittery fashion. It all sort of sounds like the London flat transformed to look like the inside of a geode, but judging from the rather sober renderings, that kind of outlandish follow-through seems unlikely. (Though, seriously, how cool would that be?) Anyway, the homes will also be "fully digitized," with automated curtains, "shop-from-home features"—like, the Internet?—and "mood lighting." See more renderings below.

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